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What it's all about

It's mainly about the large amount of good deals, both in price and variety, that take place here every year. A witness to this fact is the increasing number of out-of-town visitors from such places as Osoyoos, Vernon, Princeton and Trail, many of whom come to Kelowna once a year specifically for this event.

What makes THIS neighbourhood garage sale so different?

The Quantity. Last year the number of participating homes grew to over 140 making it one of the largest in the province of BC.

The Variety. Many residents have collected items from around the country and around world, providing some very unique merchandise.

The Environment. The pedestrian-friendly nature of the community makes it simply an enjoyable and safe place to walk, plus there are many parks in which to relax and put your feet up. There is also a convenient coffee shop in the town center for you to grab a treat and take in some refreshment.

4 reasons why Kettle Valley residents never run out of items to sell?

Buy this car1) There are over 900 families now living in Kettle Valley and there will always be a certain percentage who will renovate to accommodate their changing needs, hence many gently used quality items are consistently looking for new homes.

2) Every year newcomers from around the world purchase homes in Kettle Valley creating an environment for finding articles that are rarely seen in our local stores.

3) The popularity of this garage sale event encourages friends of Kettle Valley residents from other communities to piggy-back their items here.

4) With a predetermined date every year, there is a consistent turnover in the number of residents who save up their precious items for a sale.

The story of the Little Garage Sale That Could.

The Village of Kettle Valley was established in late 1996 and the first garage sale was held the following spring with a handful of participating homes. The success of that first sale proved that there was a great deal of interest in the communiyt because of its neo-traditional architectural guidelines.

When the residents decided to hold a second garage sale the following year the number of shoppers doubled. Again, visitors were not only happy to find some great deals, but discovered an environment of pedestrian friendly sidewalks, treed boulevards and beautifully landscaped gardens. Also, the unusual feature of detached garages in the alleyways presented a very safe and relaxing shopping experience.

The word soon spread over the years as the neighbourhood grew (Now over 900 homes.) and residents consistently received enquiries about the date of the next one. Succussive years have seen the quantity of shoppers increase exponentially to a record number of over 3000 in 2018.

A unique side development from this event is the opportunity for neighbours to socialize, not only with their own neighbours, but with so many friendly people from outside the community.